InterSense software, development tools, libraries, firmware and product CDs are available for download. These resources are organized by product family below.

Our software releases are intended for use with specific products. Please contact us if assistance is required in choosing the appropriate version. Our Software Development Kit (libraries, source code, sample code) supports all InterSense products on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac).

Product CDs specific to each product are also available on the product's download page..

Product Firmware

Firmware for products that feature field-upgradeable firmware is listed below.  Currently this includes the IS-900 SimTracker, VETracker, and some older IS-900 models.

Development and Troubleshooting Tools

Development software, including multiple versions of the InterSense SDK and DLL/shared library, as well as troubleshooting tools are available here.  File downloads are at the bottom of the page; please read through the descriptions below for more information about each item.