Flight Simulator with IS-900 for F-22, F/A-18 and F-16

Flight Simulator with IS-900 for F-22, F/A-18 and F-16

Courtesy of L-3 Comm. Link Simulation and Training

Case Studies

Our customers are a testimonial to the flexible configuration and reliable performance of InterSense's motion tracking systems. Through these customers, we support a broad array of applications from simulation & training to creation of the next Hollywood 3D blockbuster. Here are a selection of user stories, application notes and case studies of how our tracking systems are used with visualization, simulation and training applications.

Arizona State Decision Theater

The Arizona State University Decision Theater is an advanced visualization environment that enables policymakers and others to see in rich, three-dimensional presentations the results of their actions. The theater features three screens to form a 260-degree, immersive environment, allowing researchers to study and communicate the effects of policy decisions with a large degree of freedom and creativity.

Clinical Visual Acuity & Gaze Stabilization Evaluation

Thales Visionix' value added reseller, Natus Medical Incorporated, specializes in clinical evaluation for the effective assessment and treatment of chronic dizziness, balance and mobility disorders.  Part of Natus Medical's program provides physicians with tools, techniques, and equipment to measure perceptual image stabilization during head movement, which is a key factor in performing activities of daily living.

Brown University VENLab (Virtual Environment Navigation Laboratory)

Researchers at Brown University’s Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences Department focus on determining how visual cues affect the way we navigate through the world. To initiate this research, Brown's researchers needed a way to control visual stimuli over a large space in order to present subjects with different visual cues as they naturally walk through an open environment. 

K-Motion Golf Swing Analysis

K-Motion Interactive' K-Vest System uses three inertial sensors based on the InterSense InertiaCube4 architecture to deliver high performance motion analysis in a small package.

Innovative, Collaborative Workspaces using the IS-900

Mezzanine™, built by InterSense's technology integration partner Oblong, is an advanced video collaboration product. It brings innovation to work spaces and transforms work processes by integrating multiple locations, users, devices, and streams of information in a collaborative environment. With Mezzanine and the IS-900 system, meetings become more productive, presentations are more engaging, and collaboration gets easier.

Improved Moving Target Simulator (IMTS) (Stinger Missile Trainer)

The Stinger Missile Trainer is a 40 foot dome with projected terrain and aircraft images. The dome allows the trainees a full 360-degree surround scene and 70 degree vertical field of view. The system trains up to three gunners individually or simultaneously, to identify, acquire, and track airborne targets, and then launch a Stinger missile.

AVCATT – Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer

The AVCATT Mission is to provide a collective training system to meet aviation training requirements and to support institutional, organizational and sustainment training for active and reserve Army aviation units worldwide in combined arms collective training and mission rehearsal.

F/A-18C Distributed Mission Training

Based on the success of the IS-900 technology deployed with the reconfigurable, rotary wing simulators used in the U.S. Army AVCATT program, Link again is working with InterSense to provide the most reliable head tracking system for this U.S. Navy distributed mission simulation and training program.

CS WAVE Virtual Welding Trainer

In welding schools, most of the training time is spent for gesture control. This costs a lot of raw material to the training organization and is a painful step for the trainee. InterSense’s partner Immersion SA has developed a virtual welding workbench for the WAVE project. WAVE is developed in partnership by CS and AFPA WAVE for use in all AFPA welding centers in France.

ExpeditionDI® Embedded Training for Soldiers

Based on technology developed by CG2® and Quantum3D® for U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM), the ExpeditionDI dismounted soldier system provides the U.S. Army and system integrators with a fully functional, high-performance, man-wearable, embedded training/mission rehearsal system for dismounted and mounted infantry. 

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Recent Case Studies

Innovative, Collaborative...

Mezzanine™, built by InterSense's technology integration partner Oblong, is an...

Clinical Visual Acuity & Gaze...

Thales Visionix' value added reseller, Natus Medical Incorporated, specializes...

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Based on the success of the IS-900 technology deployed with the reconfigurable,...