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EOL and EOS Notifications

The following products have been moved to End of Life or End of Service status. Thales Visionix no longer offers these products for sale, and End of Service products will no longer receive technical support under most circumstances. In most cases, Thales Visionix offers newer devices to replace these products. For more information, contact Thales Visionix tech support or your business development representative.

InertiaCube BT™

The InertiaCube BT provides real-time orientation data via a standard Bluetooth® interface to your computer. With an integrated rechargeable battery and secure mounting straps, the InertiaCube BT is the ideal wireless sensor for human movement analysis.

IS-1200 System

The IS-1200 VisTracker system is a highly scalable, cost-effective solution for wide area tracking. The system provides precise 6-DOF tracking data utilizing a fusion of inertial-optical technology. Ideal for mobile augmented & virtual applications, simulation & training and robotic navigation.

IS-900 PCI Tracker

Ideal for small area tracking for workstations, the IS-900 PCI Tracker embeds the processing in to the host PC for a most cost effective 6 DOF solution.


Our smallest sensor, the InertiaCube3 is ideal for simulation, training and industrial OEM applications. The sensor offers a low-profile, rugged aluminum enclosure which enables easy integration into any tracked solution.

Wireless InertiaCube3™

Maintaining the performance of the InertiaCube3 orientation sensor, the Wireless InertiaCube3 adds a robust wireless interface to your OEM application. Ideal for real-time simulation & training, industrial hand-held devices, and human movement analysis.


The InertiaCube2+ is a multi-purpose sensor ideal for real-time applications in simulation & training, virtual & augmented reality, motion capture, and human movement analysis.