Golfer Using K-Vest

K-Motion Golf Swing Analysis

K-Motion Interactive' K-Vest System uses three inertial sensors based on the InterSense InertiaCube4 architecture to deliver high performance motion analysis in a small package.

Thales Visionix worked closely with K-Motion Interactive, Inc., a leader in kinetic motion analysis and sports training systems, to develop a miniature high-performance 3-DOF sensor, providing a robust, portable and accurate solution for today's golf, fitness, and medical professionals.  The wireless K-Vest sensor is fully self-contained and developed to the specifications of K-Motion Interactive as a follow on to their successful K-Sensor.

From swing capture to range of motion and biofeedback systems, K-Motion's technology is now used in every major U.S. city and country around the world. As the developer of the industry's most popular and innovative suite of motion capture products and services, KMI's mission is focused on intuitive and easy-to-use solutions that accurately measure motion and improve physical performance.

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