Gaze Assessment Test with InertiaCube

Gaze Assessment Test with InertiaCube

Courtesy of NeuroCom International

Clinical Visual Acuity & Gaze Stabilization Evaluation

Thales Visionix' value added reseller, Natus Medical Incorporated, specializes in clinical evaluation for the effective assessment and treatment of chronic dizziness, balance and mobility disorders.  Part of Natus Medical's program provides physicians with tools, techniques, and equipment to measure perceptual image stabilization during head movement, which is a key factor in performing activities of daily living.

Natus Medical's inVision™ package utilizes the InertiaCube4 to monitor the velocity and direction of head movements during clinical Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA) and Gaze Stabilization Tests (GST). Results from these tests, combined with other clinical and physiological assessments, provide physicians with the information needed to determine the correct rehabilitation steps for patients with balance and mobility disorders.

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