Brown University VENLab using IS-900

Brown University VENLab (Virtual Environment Navigation Laboratory)

Researchers at Brown University’s Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences Department focus on determining how visual cues affect the way we navigate through the world. To initiate this research, Brown's researchers needed a way to control visual stimuli over a large space in order to present subjects with different visual cues as they naturally walk through an open environment. 

To conduct this innovative research, Brown designed & built the Virtual Environment Navigation Laboratory (VENLab) with help from InterSense. The VENLab at Brown University utilizes an IS-900 VET system to track a fully immersive head mounted display (HMD) over a 50 x 50 foot room.

Key areas of current research at the VENLab include the integration of long-range navigation with on-line visual control strategies, the geometric structure of spatial knowledge used in navigation, its dependence on learning through interactions with the task environment, the extraction and recognition of landmarks, and the incorporation of new knowledge in an evolving spatial representation. This work also applies how humans learn, represent, and recognize individual objects to landmark detection and recognition.

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