CS WAVE Virtual Welding Trainer

CS WAVE Virtual Welding Trainer

Courtesy of Immersion SA

CS WAVE Virtual Welding Trainer

In welding schools, most of the training time is spent for gesture control. This costs a lot of raw material to the training organization and is a painful step for the trainee. InterSense’s partner Immersion SA has developed a virtual welding workbench for the WAVE project. WAVE is developed in partnership by CS and AFPA WAVE for use in all AFPA welding centers in France.

The primary goal of WAVE is to train students in mastering welding gesture. WAVE is designed to introduce and familiarize students learning welding. It does not replace the real training, but will make up about a third of the overall training process.

The WAVE welding simulator is the first commercial application of the IS-900 PCTracker. The WAVE virtual workbench runs on a standard PC platform with an adjustable flat panel monitor, which is positioned to simulate different welding procedures. The MiniTrax components are integrated into the torch and the SoniDiscs are embedded into the bezel of the virtual workbench. Since the workbench is required to track the torch at any angle, an encoder reports angle of the workbench and the proper normal vectors for the SoniDiscs are sent to the IS-900 PCTracker software for dynamic configuration of the Constellation array each time the workbench tilt is changed.

The WAVE architecture is designed for use in other networked training scenarios. Each workbench is monitored in real-time by a supervisor workstation. The supervisor workstation also acts as a central database and control manager to handle trainee information and results.

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