EOL and EOS Products

The following products have been moved to End of Life or End of Service status. Thales Visionix no longer offers these products for sale, and End of Service products will no longer receive technical support under most circumstances. In most cases, Thales Visionix offers newer devices to replace these products. For more information, contact Thales Visionix tech support or your business development representative.

End of Life

These products are end of life, and as such are no longer sold and under limited support.

IS-900 PCU5/8 base unit

  • 100-IS900-PCU5
  • 100-IS900-PCU8
  • 100-IS9ND-PCU5
  • 100-IS9EX-PCU8

Rev 2 SoniRails

  • 100-90000-RAL2
  • 100-90000-RAL4
  • 100-90000-RAL6
  • 100-SWING-R201
  • 100-SDISC-AEM3
  • 100-900PC-HUB7


Affected part numbers:

  • 100-ICMII-0000
  • 100-0SER2-HIR0
  • 100-0SER2-RJ45
  • 078-00109-001M
  • 078-00109-005M


  • 100-IC300-BUTN
  • 100-IC3SW-RX16
  • 100-IC3UW-RX16
  • 100-IMU00-0300
  • 100-IMUA0-0300
  • 100-IC312-MOL1/2
  • 100-IC3EM-0105
  • 100-IC3BT-XXXX

PCI PC Tracker

  • 100-ISPCI-0000



End of Service

These products are end of service, and as such are no longer sold or supported in most circumstances.

IS-900 PCU1/2 base units

  • 100-IS900-PCU1
  • 100-IS900-PCU2

Certain MiniTrax Trackers

  • ISC-90OEM-RC6G
  • 100-900xx-AWWD
  • 100-900xx-AWHT
  • 100-900xx-AWLH
  • 100-900xx-AWRH

2.4GHz K-Sensors

  • 100-KSENS-0401
  • 100-KSENS-RX01

Other Products

  • 100-IMU00-0210
  • 100-IC300-ICP1