System Integrators and VARs

Our systems integrators, value added resellers, and OEM hardware partners provide different levels of system and component integration using InterSense tracking technology to meet specific market needs.

Partner List

Advanced Interactive Systems
AIS delivers comprehensive training solutions, when lives are on the line. AIS integrates InterSense full line of motion tracking products into a variety of simulation & training solutions.

AEgis Technologies Group
AEgis integrates InterSense IS-900 wireless technology into advanced weapons training and homeland security simulators.

Animazoo manufactures the Gypsy range of motion capture systems. Widely used in 3D computer animation, games development, and biomechanics. Gypsy systems use InterSense technology to capture full body motion data that requires little or no data cleaning.

Applied Science Laboratories
ASL has been the leader in eye tracking technology for over 30 years.  ASL was the first company to develop a head mounted eye tracker, Eye/Head integration, parallax free optics, head position assisted remote optics and many other features that now have become industry standard.

AuSIM Engineering Solutions
AuSIM is a provider of total audio simulation solutions.  Total solutions are built upon a combination of services and products.  AuSIM's products consist of integrated systems, as well as selected software and hardware components.  AuSIM integrates InterSense's full line of products into their 3D audio systems.

Barco integrates InterSense IS-900 technology into products and solutions for immersive and stereoscopic displays, from curved-screen BR Centers and multi-channel CADWalls™, to portable light-valve 3D display systems. With the widest range of CRT, LCD, and DLP™ technologies, Barco offers expert system design and integration, and reliable customer service worldwide.

As a world leader in aerospace engineering, Boeing integrates InterSense's latest technologies into flight simulation, training and cockpit tracking solutions.

Christie Digital
Christie delivers turn-key solutions for sophisticated virtual reality and simulation systems, including high-resolution power walls, multi-sided immersive environments, curved screen displays, domed simulation environments and faceted displays. Oil and gas companies, manufacturing organizations, education and medical institutions and the government all rely on Christie’s TotalVIEW™ solutions for their virtual reality and simulation displays.

Cybermind Interactive Nederland
Cybermind Interactive Nederland is a technology based company that concentrates on offering custom solutions to two segmented markets.  Offering unique Head Mounted Displays for the Virtual Reality entertainment market and developing high quality, affordable HMD'sfor the professional market. The hi-Res range of HMD's incorporates InterSense's InertiaCube sensors for precision head tracking applications.

Fifth Dimension Technologies
5DT is a high technology company specializing in Virtual Reality(VR). 5DT uses InterSense tracking systems to develop, produce and distributes VR hardware, software and systems.

Hybrid MC
HYBRID MC is a French company providing turn-key solutions for virtual set aimed at the broadcast & film production industry. For over 10 years, we developed, designed and distributed worldwide tracking camera heads, motion control solutions and 2D & 3D virtual sets.

i-O Display Systems
Makers of i-glasses HMDs for video, pc, and virtual reality
i-O Display Systems manufactures personal display devices and stereoscopic 3D products for both video and computer uses.

ITS Corp.
ITS specializes in the integration of motion tracking sensors and head worn immersive display solutions. Located in South Korea.

L-3 Communications Link Simulation and Training
Link integrates InterSense tracking technology into several flight simulation systems currently deployed with government agencies.  Most notable of these is the AVCATT—a configurable rotary wing trainer for the US Army and National Guard.

Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin delivers both flight simulation and mission training systems using InterSense's full product line of motion tracking systems.

Mechdyne Corporation
Mechdyne Corporation designs and manufactures advanced interactive visualization systems and integrates InterSense's IS-900 technology directly into their visualization solutions. Interactive visualization improves collaboration, discovery and learning for applications in automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, education, federal government, geophysical exploration, manufacturing, scientific research, and virtual prototyping.

NVIS Inc., a developer of high resolution, near eye immersive display systems, together with InterSense combine their technologies to offer an integrated display system for tracked immersive and interactive visualization solutions.  The integrated products combine the NVIS nVisor SX and Virtual Binocular SX with InterSense’s IS-900 system or InertiaCube motion tracking technology.

n-Vision Industries
nVision Industries provides the Datavisor® line of helmet mounted display, and virtual binocular products. n-Vision & InterSense offer tracked HMD and virtual binocular solutions to a broad customer base.

Kaiser Electro-Optics
KEO designs and manufactures head-mounted displays (HMD's) that can incorporate InterSense's full range of tracking products.

Sensics, Inc., is the panoramic virtual reality display company. Based on patented technology developed over nearly a decade of research, Sensics delivers upgradeable, lightweight, panoramic head-mounted displays that combine ultra-wide field of view and high resolution.

As the leading global supplier of display and immersive solutions for Simulation and Visualization, SEOS has established a worldwide reputation for supplying innovative, high quality, cost-effective display solutions with a high level of expertise and exceptional service for all of our customers.  SEOS integrates InterSense's full range of tracking technologies into their visualization systems.

Silicon Graphics
SGI offers InterSense's IS-900 tracking systems for their immersive visualization solutions. Covering a broad range of industry, government, education, research and entertainment applications, SGI's image generator computing systems have a direct interface through the InterSense SDK.

Virtalis are VR systems integrators and resellers of all the key VR hardware and software products, including their own in-house ActiveWorks portfolio of display systems and Visionary Render software. They supply all commercial, academic and military markets and are sufficiently well resourced to help with specification, installation and support. They have a premier commercial demo suite which includes an IS-900 Wireless with head, hand and object tracking.

VirTra Systems
VirTra Systems has extensive experience in developing virtual reality experiencesas well as manufacturing the systems that deliver them.  VirTra Systems also offers interactive virtual reality training system platforms.  Both the VR experiences and training systems are offered with InterSense's full range of motion tracking products.

Virtual Research Systems
Virtual Research Systems is the leading supplier of displays to the professional Simulation & Training and Virtual Reality markets.  All of Virtual Research's displays are available with InterSense motion tracking products.

Visual Training Solutions Group
VTSG provides low cost, high fidelity, virtual reality training and simulation systems by merging leading edge software technology and commercially available PC hardware with superior subject matter expert content.  VTSG offers InterSense's full line of tracking systems as part of their simulation and training system solution.

Visbox, Inc. provides innovative display products and solutions for high resolution and immersive 3D applications. Their continuing mission is to make high-end display and interaction technologies more affordable and easier to use. Combined with theirr custom, high-quality support structures and enclosures, the result is affordable high-end display systems that outperform much more expensive traditional hardware.