Software Partners

Our software solution partners integrate InterSense's SDK into their applications to provide seamless tracking interaction with a variety of simulation, design, immersive and entertainment applications. Some software solutions listed below are "InterSense enabled" with middleware tracking libraries provided by software partners.

Partner List

Autodesk MotionBuilder
Formally know as Kaydara MotionBuilder, MotionBuilder supports InterSense's full line of motion tracking products for virtual sets and production systems. Provides previsualization solution with the InterSense VCam.

Advanced Visual Systems
AVS Expressenables object-oriented development of rich and highly interactive scientific and technical data visualizations for Digital, HP, IBM, Linux, SGI, Sun and Windows systems. "InterSense enabled" through VRCO's CAVELib & trackd.

Brainstorm Multimedia
Brainstorm eStudio and M3 software for real-time, 3D graphics virtual production and presentations.

Dassault Systèmes
Dassault, through their CATIA product line, provides a powerful product design tool with direct interface to the InterSense IS-900. CATIA is the product design solution in the PLM offering from Dassault Systèmes. It allows manufacturers to simulate all the industrial design processes, from the pre-project phase, through detailed design, analysis, simulation, assembly and maintenance.

Delta3D is a fully-functional Open Source game and simulation engine appropriate for a wide variety of modeling and simulation applications as well as training and entertainment games. Delta3D is currently being managed by the MOVES Insitute and is used by numerous commercial companies and Department of Defence contractors. Delta3D uses the InterSense SDK to access tracking data from any InterSense system.

Developed at Virginia Tech by the VTCave group, DIVERSE is a cross-platform, open source, API for developing virtual reality applications that can run almost anywhere.

EON Reality
EON Immersive virtual reality application development software and solutions. EON Immersive is compatible with a wide range of VR peripherals such as data gloves, HMDs, InterSense's full line of motion tracking systems and force feedback devices, helping users to expand the scope and functionality of a simulation as well as heightening the sense of realism in your simulations.

Esperient Corporation
An early stage software technology company that was founded in October 2007 to acquire the 'Deep Creator' 3D authoring product from Right Hemisphere, Inc. Esperient Creator 3.0 was launched in May 2008 and version 3.5 followed in November 2008. Costing just $500 for a commercial annual subscription license and just $350 for an academic subscription license, Esperient Creator represents a breakthrough in price performance for interactive 3D software.

Inv3rsion, LLC
Inv3rsion specializes in developing real-time 3-D visualization and virtual reality applications. Inv3rsion is also the source for LS-PrePost-VR, which allows users to prepare and process LS-DYNA finite element analysis data in a fully immersive 3-D environment. "InterSense enabled" through VR Juggler.

Infiscape provides a wide range of 3D visualization services including consulting, training, and software development. Infiscape strives to develop solutions to real-world problems by using cutting-edge immersive visualization. "InterSense enabled" through VR Juggler.

Meta VR
MetaVR provides high-performance PC-based end-to-end solutions for 3D visual systems for simulation and training.

National Instruments
National Instruments LabVIEW instrumentation and measurement software.

Autodesk Opticore
Opticore is one of the world's premier interactive visual communication solutions providers. Opticore's powerful solutions are embedded into existing business processes to inspire product decisions to be made easily based on photo-realistic, 3D interactive product data. "InterSense enabled" through VRCO's trackd.

Parametric Technologies Corporation
PTC specializes in product development and product lifecycle management (PLM) software solutions. PTC offers powerful design & visualization programs, Pro/ENGINEER, DIVISION Mockup and DIVISION Reality that are "InterSense enabled" with VRCO's trackd.

Schlumberger Information Services provides a powerful well field planning tool called Inside Reality. Inside Reality®creates a unique environment for introducing new collaborative workflows and transforming existing workflows. With InterSense tracking, Inside Reality provides interactive well placement, real-time geosteering, and geophysical and reservoir model analysis. "InterSense enabled" through VRCO's trackd.

Siemens PLM Software
Seimens PLM solutions support the broad needs of the product lifecycle, from design inception to manufacture and support. Siemens PLM Software helps you build the right product – and build the product right. InterSense sells a Tecnomatix Jack Software Interface to provide full InterSense tracking system support into this industry standard ergonomics and human factors modeling & simulation program.

Simigon's AirBook software is an all-inclusive flight simulation and training solution. Designed by pilots for pilots, AirBook incorporates 3D high fidelity simulation, distance training, Knowledge Management, and communications on one easy-to-use, PC-based system.

TechViz XL software adds Virtual Reality to any existing workstation 3D application. No need to prepare or convert your CAD data with TechViz, just load your usual models in your usual 3D application (Catia, UG NX, ProE...) and feel the model in your virtual reality system.

Mercury Computer TGS Amira
Provides advanced visualization, data analysis and geometry reconstruction for applications in medicine, biology, geosciences and engineering. "InterSense enabled" through VRCO's trackd.

Dassault Systems Virtools
Virtools provides the ideal combination of software and services that guarantee the rapid and successful completion of your project.

Visual Advantage
Visual Advantage specializes in IT consulting and solution delivery of real-time interactive 3D graphics, visual collaboration, and digital mock-up technologies. These solutions can be based on Visual Advantage's own innovative technology base or on third party tools such as Division MockUp, and may be formed from standard or fully customized components.

Virtual Reality Applications Center at Iowa State
The Virtual Reality Application Center (VRAC) is an interdisciplinary research center administered by the Institute for Physical Research and Technology at Iowa State University. Our focus is the rapidly expanding interface between humans and computers.

VR Juggler
VR Juggler is an open source application developed at the VRAC that provides virtual reality (VR) software developers with a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) that simplify all interface aspects of their program including the display surfaces, object tracking, selection and navigation, graphics rendering engines, and graphical user interfaces.

VRCO (Mechdyne)
VRCO Inc. is an acknowledged leader in the development and use of interactive 3D (i3D) hardware/software visualization solutions that enhance the perception of complex information. The VRCO 'off-the-shelf' product line spans the spectrum from device driver middleware (trackd) to development toolkits (CAVELib, trackdAPI, trackdSDK) to end-user applications (VRScape, vGeo). Many other software applications are "InterSense enabled" through VRCO's trackd software