IS-1200 VisTracker

Software for the IS-1200 VisTracker is available here.

The product CD contains the current ISDEMO configuration program, SDK, sample code, documentation and demo programs with an auto-installer for Windows platforms. You should use this CD with the VisTracker (IS-1200/InertiaCam) product. Please note that the IS-1200 requires a program to run called sfServer, which is not compatible with the latest 4.x series of DLLs without setting an environment variable. If you would like to develop software for the IS-1200 using the current SDK (or need to use the VisTracker on a system that is also configured for another InterSense tracking system), please contact for more information.


Product CD for the IS-1200 VisTracker. version 1.13.01. Contains DLL version 3.89.