Firmware for products that feature field-upgradeable firmware is listed below.  Currently this includes the IS-900 SimTracker, VETracker, and some older IS-900 models.

Please follow the instructions in the IS-900 Firmware Upgrade Procedure PDF file in order to upgrade your IS-900, if you have an IS-900 SimTracker or VETracker (models 100-IS900-PCU1, 100-IS900-PCU2, 100-IS900-PCU5, 100-IS900-PCU8).  For all other models, please contact for instructions (please provide the model number and current firmware version).

The latest firmware version is 4.29, which notably adds support for 900 MHz wireless MicroTrax devices, as well as various bug fixes and product improvements.  This version is expected to work with all devices on SimTracker and VETracker systems, but has not been extensively tested with wireless MiniTrax devices; if problems are encountered using 4.29 with these devices, please contact InterSense technical support, and/or downgrade to 4.2601, which is the last version that officially supports these.