Vision-Inertial Tracking for mixed reality and GPS denied navigation. This small, lightweight, user-friendly Optical-Inertial device lets you track an object or person in any environment from your mobile computing platform with maximum precision that’s highly suitable for augmented reality and robotic navigation applications.


Unprecedented Software Capabilities

The IS-1500’s unique software architecture enables a lightweight, mobile Vision-Inertial Navigation approach to Natural Feature Tracking. Combined with optional marker-based tracking, the IS-1500 represents truly flexible next generation capability.

Total Mobility

With our InertiaCam hardware, a vision-inertial sensor incorporating our NavChip inertial measurement unit, the IS-1500 can track anywhere at any time including inside of a moving platform such as a car or plane.

Ruggedness and Reliability

The InertiaCam hardware is based on our HObIT helmet tracker, which provides situational awareness to pilots in mission critical applications around the world. The InertiaCam is built to withstand the rigors of a wide range of challenging outdoor and indoor environments.


Precision factory calibrated hardware, compatibility with USB standards, and software that can run on your mobile processor alongside your application, all provide for ease of integration. Our simple to use SDK and developer tools should have you up and running in minutes. We have the ability to work with you to meet your custom hardware and software needs.

Overall Specifications
Pitch and Roll Accuracy 0.25° RMSE
Max Angular Rate 2000 °/s
Linear Acceleration 16 G
Latency (average) 10 milliseconds (prediction off)
Prediction Up to 50 milliseconds
Synchronization Virtual (software)
Supported Operating Systems Windows & Linux (contact sales for other operating systems)
Tracking Performance: Fiducial Markers
Position Accuracy 2mm (typical)
Max Tracking Distance from Fiducials 20x the Fiducial diameter
Min Fiducials in View for Pose Recovery 2 (recommend 10-12 for optimal performance)
Orientation Drift Rate with no Fiducials 0.6°/minute (RMSE)
Tracking Performance: Natural Features
Position Drift (traveling) 1% of distance traveled (RMSE)
Yaw Drift (traveling) 0.7°/minute (RMSE)
Static Wander ±1 cm position, 1° RMSE Yaw (RMSE)
Global Relocation Accuracy See Fiducial marker accuracy above
InertiaCam Sensor Module
Dimensions 65mm x 20mm x 20mm
Mass (not including cable) 36 grams (metal reference design housing)
Interface (power and data) Single USB 2/3 cable (type-c connector)
Power Consumption 1.2 Watts (typical)
Temperature (Operating / Storage) -20° to 65°C, -30° to 85°C
Humidity (Operating / Storage) 20 to 80%, 20 to 95% (non-condensing)