We Recognize that Lives Depend on what We Do.

Our Mission

It is Thales Defense & Security, Inc.’s policy to strive to continually improve our processes to deliver competitive, highly reliable mission critical electronics products and systems that meet our customers’ requirements. We recognize that lives depend on what we do.

Core Values

Our core values – Customer Focus, Innovation & Agility, and Continuous Improvement & Integrity – help define our culture and inspire us as one cohesive organization with a common goal to serve our customer, our shareholders and our employees.  We measure our success by the ability to exceed our customers’ expectations, increase the value of our business and provide for our employees.

Understanding Our Customers:  We listen to our customers to understand their true needs.  This understanding is critical in helping them meet their very real challenges.  Lives depend on what we do, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Innovation & Agility:  We embrace a fundamental formula – innovation plus agility – in everything we do.  Understanding and mastering the dynamics of technological innovation in a fast-paced market environment is paramount to our long-term success.

Continuous Improvement:  We prioritize continuous improvement – for the effectiveness of our processes, the development of our employees, and the strength of our company.

Integrity: Soundness of moral character and adherence to moral and ethical principles are part our DNA.  In striving for success, we will not compromise our commitment to integrity.