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InterSense provides a standard one year warranty on all of its products with extended warranty plans available. If a product needs to be returned for warranty or non-warranty service, the following procedure describes our Return Material Authorization (RMA) process.


Please carefully read the instructions and then complete the RMA request form below the instructions.  The technical contact is a person who can answer technical questions about the device for which the RMA is being requested, and the administrative contact will receive communication about the RMA status and provide payment information for non-warranty repairs.


InterSense RMA Return Procedure 

IMPORTANT: Before completing this form it is essential that you have contacted technical support first to verify any system fault or problem. Returns for credit must be approved by Sales before they can be accepted. Any devices returned that are not listed on the RMA form may not be tested and are subject to return at customer’s expense – please list every device being returned, including CDs, cables, and power adapters.

RMA Request and Shipping Instructions
Upon completion of the form below, InterSense Technical Support will issue an RMA number or request additional information from you within 1 business day. Please email if you do not receive an RMA number by the end of the next business day.

Once received, please be sure to clearly write the RMA number on the shipping carton so that your material can be accepted and routed correctly. Label the carton with the address provided by InterSense Technical Support. All returns to InterSense are prepaid freight, unless otherwise authorized by InterSense Sales or Technical Support.

InterSense will not accept charges for freight due, unless specifically agreed upon by InterSense. For expedited delivery, international customers should use Federal Express (FedEx) or UPS. All other shipping methods require advanced approval by InterSense and may result in significant additional charges for repairs if InterSense is required to pay import/clearance fees. Please include a copy of the Commercial Invoice with items listed at their current recorded values. The HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) code used on the Commercial Invoice should be 9801.00.1012 for InterSense branded products. Please contact InterSense for information on the HTS code for returning any non-InterSense branded products sold by InterSense.

Please complete a separate RMA form if more than 10 devices are being sent back.

Warranty Brief
InterSense warrants all equipment sold in accordance with this agreement to be free from defects in workmanship and material under normal and proper use for period of twelve (12) months from date of delivery.  For resellers, InterSense will honor this warranty from the first install date of the product, provided InterSense has been previously informed of the installation date and it does not exceed one (1) year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not include expendable components such as batteries, except with the approval of Sales or Tech Support. This warranty is void if failure of product has resulted from accident, abuse, or misapplication, or if the equipment has been modified, unless expressly agreed to by InterSense.

Out of warranty repairs are subject to an evaluation fee of $75.00 per devicein addition to actual repair costs (though the evaluation may include recalibration attempts that reduce the overall cost of the repair).  Repaired devices are additionally warranted for the repaired/replaced component(s) only for a period of sixty (60) days from date of delivery of the repaired device, regardless of warranty status, unless the components sustain additional damage due to accident, abuse, misapplication, or if the equipment has been modified, unless expressly agreed to by InterSense. 

Once a device has been evaluated, InterSense will provide a binding repair quote for non-warranty repairs, and will proceed with the repair once payment has been received (for pre-pay customers) or once a purchase order has been received showing a funded repair (for customers on credit terms with InterSense).  If a customer decides not to proceed with a repair once the repair quote is provided, it may be scrapped by InterSense at no cost or returned to the customer after receipt of the $75 evaluation fee (freight paid by customer, or a UPS/FedEx shipping account provided). 

For all non-warranty repairs, InterSense must receive a signed purchase order for the repair cost (if customer has payment terms with InterSense), a completed credit card authorization form, a check, or a wire transfer, before repairs will be completed. You will be invoiced for the repair amount plus InterSense’s shipping costs.

Return Shipping
For warranty repairs, InterSense will assume all return shipping and handling costs. Repairs will typically be return-shipped as 2nd day air or International Priority, unless another method is approved by sales or support. Customers may also provide UPS or FedEx shipping numbers and specify an alternative method.

For non-warranty repairs, please inform InterSense Technical Support of the preferred shipping method, including any shipping information such as shipping account numbers. InterSense will use 2nd day air or International Priority in the absence of such information.

Customer Credit
Sales credit for returned products must be approved prior to shipment by an InterSense representative. Please contact your sales representative, distributor or account manager with any questions.


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