Motion Tracking System Technology featured in Scorpion®

The patented InterSense hybrid- inertial motion tracking technology is an integral system component of Thales Visionix®’s Scorpion®– Helmet Mounted Display System.

The integration of the latest technology and the world’s only, full-color Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) system is more than a simple product collaboration, it’s a business marriage. In 2012, Thales Defense & Security, Inc. acquired both Visionix and InterSense to solidify its position in the global HMD marketplace to provide systems for US and foreign military forces and aircraft integrators seeking low procurement and life cycle costs, rapid deployment, and no avionics bay intrusions.

Key advantages to using the InterSense technology in such personnel situational awareness systems is the immunity to magnetic and metallic interference within the aircraft, expanded Head Motion Box (HMB) for the pilot and aircrew, and significantly less infrastructure needed within the aircraft cockpit. Further, rapid target acquisition and low latency are also very attractive features of the system.

Thales Visionix delivers game-changing solutions today to military aviators and the avionics world. The Scorpion system is currently in full-rate production and fielded on such aircraft as the A-10 Thunderbolts, F-16 Vipers, F-18 (Spanish Air Force), and the AC-130W gumships. Ground warfighters may gain similar situational awareness capabilities integrated on their personal protective gear in the future.

For more information on the Scorpion display, please visit the Visionix area of the Thales web site.

  • HMIT & Dragon Spear: Programs currently in full-rate production

  • Fielded by aircraft integrators and pilots

  • Integrates with Gentex® and other Fixed- and Rotary-Wing Helmets