EOL and EOS Downloads

The following products have been moved to End of Life or End of Service status. Thales Visionix no longer offers these products for sale, and End of Service products will no longer receive technical support under most circumstances. In most cases, Thales Visionix offers newer devices to replace these products. For more information, contact Thales Visionix tech support or your business development representative.

Our software releases are intended for use with specific products. Please contact us if assistance is required in choosing the appropriate version. Our Software Development Kit (libraries, source code, sample code) supports all InterSense products on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac).


Product CDs specific to each product are also available on the product’s download page.


IS-1200 InertiaCam with fiducial

IS-1200 VisTracker

Software for the IS-1200 VisTracker is available here.




PCTracker Downloads

IS-900 PCTracker

This page contains all of the software for the IS-900 PCTracker product.




IS-900 PCI Tracker

IS-900 PCI Tracker

All of the software for the IS-900 PCI Tracker product is available here.