Improved Registration for Vehicular AR using Auto-Harmonization

Author: Eric Foxlin, Thomas Calloway, Hongsheng Zhang, Thales Published: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VIS

Global Localization for Urban AR

Authors: Thomas Calloway, Dalila B. Megherbi, Hongsheng Zhang 2017 Reliably localizing and tracki

Constellation: A Wide-Range Wireless Motion-Tracking System

A Wide-Range Wireless Motion-Tracking System for Augmented Reality and Virtual Set Applications A

F/A-18C Distributed Mission Training

Based on the success of the IS-900 technology deployed with the reconfigurable, rotary wing simul

AVCATT – Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer

AVCATT provides six man modules, re-configurable to any combination of attack, reconnaissance, li

ExpeditionDI® Embedded Training for Soldiers

Based on technology developed by CG2® and Quantum3D® for U.S. Army Research Development and Engin

Improved Moving Target Simulator (IMTS) (Stinger Missile Trainer)

The Stinger Missile Trainer is a 40 foot dome with projected terrain and aircraft images. The dom

Arizona State Decision Theater

The Arizona State University Decision Theater is an advanced visualization environment that enabl

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