InertiaCube Downloads

InertiaCube Downloads

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InertiaCube Sensors

The recommended software for InertiaCube Sensors (InertiaCube2, InertiaCube2+, InertiaCube3 Wired/Wireless, InertiaCube BT, and InertiaCube4) is available here.

The product CD contains the current software, SDK, and documentation, along with an installer for Windows platforms. You should use this CD with all InterSense 3-DOF products. Version 2014a  adds support for the InertiaCube4 product and includes the 4.2401 version of the InterSense DLL/shared library.  It also supports InertiaCube4 firmware version 5 (which provides AHRS support) and previous versions.



InertiaCube BT users should be aware that a file called isports.ini must be created in the directory of any application using the DLL/shared library, or in a folder specified by the ISPORTS_INI_DIR environment variable in order to allow proper detection/functionality of the InertiaCube BT, as described in the manual.  This file should contain lines such as:


  With the ":bluetooth" text being required due to increased latency in Bluetooth connections, and COM3 being the outgoing COM port configured in your operating system after connecting with the sensor.

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