IS-1200+ HObIT Motion Tracking System Front View

IS-1200+ HObIT Motion Tracking System Front View

Thales Visionix, Inc.

IS-1200+ HObIT System

The IS-1200+ HObiT (Hybrid Optical-Intertial Tracking System) is the industry's latest and most advanced optical and inertial based 6-DOF tracking system. The system provides precise 6-DOF tracking data utilizing a fusion of inertial-optical technology. Ideal for augmented & virtual reality applications, simulation & training, robotic navigation and more.

The IS-1200+ HObIT low-power, small-sized package can be head-worn with minimal impact or integrated into any object for virtually unlimited tracking. The power and interface for the IS-1200+ HObIT comes from a USB port for flexibility and ease of integration into your tracking application. 

The IS-1200+ HObIT is delivered fully factory calibrated and simple-to-use. Fiducial constellation can be installed and mapped to ~50 microns accuracy in just a few minutes using new VisualMapper software provided with the IS-1200+ HObIT. Once installed, the sensor is always ready without need for additional calibration. For use on vehicles, an auto-harmonization algorithm allows the system to self-align the fiducial constellation with the vehicle INS or attitude reference. 

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Degrees of Freedom 6 (Yaw, Pitch, Roll´╗┐, X, Y, Z)
Maximum Angular Rate 2000° per second
Maximum Linear Acceleration 16 g
Orientation Accuracy (RMS)* 0.3°
Position Accuracy (RMS)*  2  mm, typical cockpit conditions
Update Rate 180 Hz
Latency 5 ms (without prediction)
Prediction Up to 50 milliseconds
Weight 75 grams
Lens Field of View 130°
Max Tracking Range 25x the fiducial diameter
O/S Compatibility  Windows & Linux

* Specs are determined in a controlled and quantified environment; actual performance will vary due to factors such as distance from fiducials, density, and the accuracy with which fiducial locations can be calibrated.



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